We have all gathered here today to celebrate our Captain’s….

1000 + 2 Followers!!!

Lets hear what our Captain has to say about this special day!


I think he means,

"Thank you guys for all the love and support. ILU ALL! And sooner or later I’ll stop fcking around in my lab and get to answering questions"


as for the celebration….

Snap Shot Shachi, Penguin is back, with Bepo and Jean for more man power!

You want photos of our captain in his most private times? We’ll make it happen!

For the 1000th Followerplease send in a request to the Captain’s ask box!

and to all the rest of the followers, (since captn neglected to celebrate each 100th follower after the 500th ಠ_ಠ )

reply to this post, or send a request to the askbox, with what you’d like to see of our beloved Captain. We’ll go and take pics of the top three popular opinion!

( Nothing too obscene please! And remember we can only take pictures, we can’t necessarily make Captain do anything he wouldn’t normally do. unlesswedrughim )